HB/VS-239 – Bec du Corbeau – 1992m – 6 Points

The plan for Saturday was a long drive to HB/VS and I selected HB/VS-102 (called “Point de Bellevue” on the Swiss map) and HB/VS-239. Both can be activated from the same car park at Portes de Culet. From the village of Morgins you have to find the narrow, steep and windy single file road going up from the market place. This proved to be a challange while I was arriving in town the market was setup by the locals and the direct access to the road up the hill was blocked. Anyway I found a detour.
Point de Bellevue (HB/VS-102) offers a nice view down to Lake Geneva. On the other hand Bec du Corbeau (HB/VS-239) is very steep and I almost didn’t make it – the sun burning on your back pack in a perpendicular angle didn’t help 😦 At least I was awarded with 66 QSO! On my way back home I baged HB/FR-040, which was a piece of cake …

19 July 2014: 08:03 – 08:48 UTC

Temperature: 21 C and overcast at the car park when I returned after the activation.

Rig: KX3, 10W, 4400mAh LiPo
Ant: SOTApole, 13.1m Inv. L, 5x 4m Radial

27 CW QSO on 20m, incl. S2S QSO with HB9BCB/p on HB/BE-150 and S58R/p on S5/PK-004
32 CW QSO on 30m
7 CW QSO on 40m, incl. S2S QSO with HB9CLT/p on HB/AR-002

Car park:  46.25824 N / 6.87313 E; 1787.4m.

Hiking statistics – uphill only:
Time: 30 min
Distance 1.2 km
Total Ascend: 205 m

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