DM/BW-157 – Osterberg – 923m – 10 Points

22 July 2012: 15:41 – 15:56 UTC. Hill #8 on my DM/BW-235, 233, 175, 176, 232, 193, 161 and 157 roundtrip.

19 CW QSO on 7032 kHz

Statistics provided by Watt’s Up Meter:
11.35V / 0.35A during RX of the K2
2.3Wh / 0.212Ah which I used for 19 QSO
11.16Vm – Volt Minimum
19.1Wp – Watt Peak
1.70Ap – Ampère Peak

Car park: 47.984076 N / 8.649046 E

Hiking statistics – uphill only:
Time: 17min
Distance: 700m
Total Ascend: 100m
Total Descend: 96m

2 Responses to DM/BW-157 – Osterberg – 923m – 10 Points

  1. Markus HB9BRJ says:

    Today I took another approach: Drive up the steep road from Ippingen village to the borderline of the forest. This takes you a little higher than the car park you mentioned. The summit position is wrong in the SOTA database. Check Google Earth and you will find that the activation zone (896m and above) is huge and includes several nice spots.

    73, Markus

  2. hb9czf says:

    The car park mentioned by Markus, HB9BRJ has following coordinates: 47.981003 N / 8.662832 E; 860m (according to KOMPASS.Maps) resp. 841m according to Google Earth.

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