DM/BW-235 – Hoher Randen – 924m – 10 Points

22 July 2012: 05:24 – 05:28 UTC. Hill #1 on my DM/BW-235, 233, 175, 176, 232, 193, 161 and 157 trip.

4 CW QSO on 7032 kHz

Statistics provided by Watt’s Up Meter:
12.35V during RX of the K2
1.5Wh / 0.123Ah which I used for 4 QSO
12.07Vm – Volt Minimum
20.4Wp – Watt Peak
1.69Ap – Ampère Peak

Car park: 47.791923 N / 8.556868 E, 887m

Hiking statistics – uphill only:
Time: 13min
Distance: 867m
Total Ascend: 56m
Total Descend: 7m

While the family was away on holiday and summer in full swing I was looking for a day long SOTA trip. A quick look into the SOTA Database revealed many 8 and 10 pointer hills in DM/BW and I’m living only 1/2h from the HB9/DL border away. 22 July 2012 looked promising and I set of at 6am local time with following itinerary: DM/BW-235, then 233, 175, 176, 232, 193 and if there is still energy in my battery I will add DM/BW-161, 159, 157 and 156. Sunday evening arrived and I baged all of them except DM/BW-159 and 156. In total I was away for 14h05min, travelled 245.3km (mostly by car) and the total ascent was 5km (abviously the majority by car). A report for each of the activated mountain can be found in the SOTA section of my webpage.

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