HB/BL-007 – Geissflue – 963m – 1 Point

2 October 2012: 16:02 – 16:38UTC

Temperature around 16C and sunny.

31 CW QSO on 10118 kHz
8 CW QSO on 14061 kHz

This was my first SOTA hill in Canton BL and I was up Geissflue several times during my childhood.

Statistics provided by Watt’s Up Meter:
13.41V / 0.36A during RX of the K2. The recitifier was connected to the “green” Powerpole.
0.586h which I used for 39 QSO @ 10W
13.09Vm – Voltage minimum
30.7Wp – Watt Peak
2.34Ap – Ampère Peak

Car park: 47.41672 N / 7.95598 E, 805m

Hiking statistics – uphill only:
Time: 22min
Distance: 1.0km
Total Ascend: 153m
Total Descend: 0m

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