HB/GL-032 – Fronalpstock – 2124m – 8 Points

For my second hill in HB/GL I chose Fronalpstock. You can drive up to Berggasthaus Naturfreundehaus Fronalp at 1389m asl, park the car and hike to Fronalpstock. I left the car park at 6:30 HBT and used the “normal” white-red-white marked path to Fronalppass at 1852m asl. Temperature wasn’t too hot as the sun was just rising. The path changed to “white-blue-white” from Fronalppass to Fronalpstock including a secured section up the chimney. At my arrival at the peak I setup up my shack and started calling CQ SOTA. Temperature wise it was shorts and T-shirt weather with no wind at all.

On my way home I added HB/SZ-040; a very easy drive-in hill.

24 July 2015: 06:33 – 07:31 UTC

Temperature: 17C at the car park when I arrived and 22C when I left. Sunny, calm and little clouds on the sky.

Rig: KX3, 10W, 4400mAh LiPo
Ant: SOTApole, 13.1m Inv. L, 5x 4m Radial

14 CW QSO on 20m
14 CW QSO on 30m, incl. VK2IO – my 1st VK on 30m from a SOTA hill
14 CW QSO on 40m, incl. S2S QSO with OK2TX/p on OK/ZL-042
(14 QSO on each band is pure coincidence :-))

Car park: 47.07107 N / 9.09120 E; 1390m

Hiking statistics – uphill only:
Time: 1h 15 min, excl. 30′ photo stops especially between Fronalppass and Fronalpstock
Distance 4 km
Total Ascend: 735 m

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