GW/SW-041 – Black Mountain – 703m – 6 Points

2nd Activation on 30 December 2011: 09:09 – 09:21 UTC
6 CW QSO on 30m and two on 40m.

Watt’s Up Meter showed after this activation:
12.98V during RX of the K2 and I didn’t charge the batteries after GW/SW-003 and GW/SW-010 activation on 27 December 2011.
3.5Wh / 0.279h which I used for all 8 QSO
12.57Vm – Volt Minimum
26.7Wp – Watt Peak
2.11Ap – Ampère Peak

Car park: 52.008846 N / 3.114393 W

Hiking statistics – uphill only:
Time: 44min
Distance: 2.1km
Total Ascend: 182m
Total Descend: 25m

Temperature 5C at the car park and strong wind which helped to “push” me up the hill 🙂

First activation on 7 September 2009: 11:46 – 12:08 UTC

24 CW QSO on 7’032 kHz

Car park: 52.029139 N / 3.109831 W

Hiking statistics – uphill only:
Time: 55min
Distance: 3.2km
Total Ascend: 249m
Total Descend: 19m

Temperature: 20C

For the next activation of GW/SW-041 I would park my car at Gospel Pass (538m) and walk to Hay Bluff (677m). The activation zone for Black Mountain would be 703m – 25m = 678m and I assume it would qualify for a successful activation to have the antenna at least 1 metre above ground.
The car park at Gospel Pass also features a sign explaining the Black Mountain region (unfortunately I didn’t stop).

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